This Week on Upstater: Buying a Home in Beacon, Cold Spring, and Garrison

  |  May 14, 2018

This week, Upstater is east-of-Hudson, traveling the rails from southern Dutchess to Putnam County…

And, as always, we’re in search of the best residential real estate currently on the market. In terms of sheer eye-candy, the area seldom fails us, particularly if money is no object. While you can still find a bargain or two in Beacon, Cold Spring and Garrison offer a much greater challenge to a home buyer’s budget, don’t even get us started on the property taxes.

So, what we’re saying is…let’s pretend we don’t have a budget.*record scratch*

We know. We’re crazy. Seeking out more-bang-for-your-buck residential real estate is practically a compulsion for us. However, in order to feature our favorites, we are compelled to seek out some luxury listings, like this Garrison property we featured last year:


In terms of what Beacon, Cold Spring, and Garrison have to offer, it’s a lot, whether you’re looking for a property right in the heart of Beacon’s cultural/commuter center, Cold Spring’s antique homes surrounding its main street, or Garrison’s quiet residential streets packed with old-school charm. And, if commuting is, indeed, part of what you’re looking for, all three are strong in that department, too.

Ready to take a gander at some grand homes on the east shores of the Hudson River? Join us on Upstater all week long as we explore Beacon, Cold Spring, and Garrison.

Stay tuned…

“View of the Hudson at West Point”, an 1860s lithograph by F. Blumner.

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