This Week on Upstater: Get Road-Trip Ready with these Campers & Portable Homes For Sale!

campers portable homes for sale

Last week on Upstater, we were all about massive, completely unaffordable estates priced in the multi-millions. This week, however, we’re getting small and featuring as many campers & portable homes for sale we find.

Why such an endeavor? Because we can’t help but feel enchanted by the idea of taking to the open road as a self-contained unit, no need for hotel reservations, cooking over an open fire or on the four-burner stove on the back of a Teardrop camper trailer. Or, chucking it all and moving into a Tiny House on wheels…once we find a suitable piece of land, of course.

If this sounds like something you dream about, too, ride shotgun with us this week on Upstater as we sift through the listings and classifieds for campers and portable homes – as well as a chuck wagon/caravan or two – for sale in the Hudson Valley…and beyond! Need a road-trip recommendation? That’s coming up this week, too, here on!

Stay tuned, Happy Campers…

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