This Week on Upstater: The Fabulous Fireplaces of the Hudson Valley/Catskills

  |  January 29, 2018
hudson valley house fireplaces

Get ready to cozy up to some of our favorite Hudson Valley house fireplaces this week on Upstater…

Because, let’s face it, if the winter had “dog days,” we’d be in them right now.

February in upstate New York is when the malaise starts to set in, even for true winter fans. The spell of the holidays has long been broken, and spring seems like a lifetime away. You know what makes us feel better about all that? A comfy spot right next to a fireplace, book in hand, disconnected from both the cold and the buzz of the world.

This week on Upstater, grab a mug of something hot, bring your favorite fuzzy blanket, and join us as we find the listings featuring the best fireplaces in the area. Whether you like:

– brick

– river stone

– asymmetrical

– wood stoves

– fake fireplaces

– old-fashioned marble mantles

– modern tile backsplash

…if you’re fiending for a fireplaces, this is the week for you.

Stay warm, and stay tuned…

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