This Week on Upstater: Close to the Interstates (and the Taconic Parkway)

  |  November 2, 2015
taconic state parkway

Winter approaches. As beautiful as every season is in Upstater Land, winter’s beauty comes with heaping spoonfuls of treacherous driving. And, if you live on one of the many back country roads that criss-cross the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, driving becomes downright impossible when the plows don’t get to your house as quickly as the houses on the main roads. It’s a big conundrum when searching for a home up here: Do you go for the secluded, idyllic property away from it all? Or do you sacrifice privacy for the convenience and safety of sticking near the interstates (I-87 and I-84) and the Taconic Parkway? If you’re still mulling it over, this week’s real estate offerings might be of particular interest to you. All week, we’ll be looking at properties near the main arteries of the region in both well-populated areas (when the snow hits, you’ll be glad you can walk to the local diner or general store for necessities) and some of the more hidden places close by. So put on your snow tires and stay tuned…

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