Time for a Peaceful, Lakeside Weekend

  |  July 31, 2015
Cabin 6

Price/night: $200
Accommodations: Lakefront log cabin with 3 bedrooms/2 baths
Max guests: 8
Min stay: 2-7 nights

House description:
This log cabin, located minutes away from the center of Margaretville, offers all the activities a weekend upstate possibly could. 114 acres circle the cabin with trees, hills and meadows, in addition to the four and a half acre lake that sits a hop and a step away from the cabin itself. The water is all yours for swimming, fishing, canoeing or sunbathing, unlike the crowded public lakes offered throughout upstate NY. For when the outside gets to be too much (not that it should), the inside of the cabin is outfitted with modern amenities while still maintaining its log cabin charm. Venturing away from this woodsy oasis can take you to the Roxbury Arts Center for a show, the Hanah Mountain Resort for a game of golf or to Bellearye Mountain.

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