Where to Donate Clothes, Money and Food for Delaware County Residents

  |  August 30, 2011

Things are still very bad up in Delaware County, and there are now some coordinated efforts to get help to folks. Our Margaretville correspondent, herself a victim of Irene, has passed on some info for those who want to donate money or goods.

· RP has volunteered to run a drop-off point. The address is: Powell Communications, 84 Wooster St. #603 in SoHo. Times: M-F, 9-6.

·  Cash donations can be made to the MARK Project. Their website is http://markproject.org/  and their phone number is 845.586.3500· General questions can be directed to Delaware County Emergency Services at607.746.9600

· Donations of clothing and non-perishable foods to help re-stock the food pantry and give to need families can be made at the Methodist Church located on Church Street next to the fire hall in Margaretville. Volunteers are needed there to help stack shelves, sift and organize clothing donations. Please don’t go to the firehall with these items. They are overwhelmed as it is.

· Catskill Mtn Family Table program is up and running. They will be getting surplus food donations from Methodist Church Site.

· Please go to the Tides Load of Hope page on Facebook and post that we need them to come to our area. This is a squeaky wheel effort. The places the squeaks the most will be most likely to get them to come. This would get a large semi with washers and dryers here for people to clean their clothes. If you are not on FB or who have friends who aren’t ask them to call Tide at 1-800.879.8433

· The Central NY Radio Group is holding an all-day radiothon to raise money for the Delaware County communities damaged by Irene. In the first hour, $3,000 has been raised. To contribute, call toll-free 1-888-432-1030 .

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