Town of the Week: Greenville

  |  July 9, 2012

The town of Greenville, located on the northern border of Greene County, is a predominately rural area, punctuated with a number of hamlets, the largest of which is Greenville hamlet with a population of around 700 residents. So forget tons of chi-chi shops and restaurants; this town is great for finding farmland and acreage with mountain views and some seclusion.

The great thing about about places like Greenville is that, thanks to the farming community, there’s almost always going to be a farmer’s market handy. The Greenville farmers market takes place every summer Saturday from 9am-1pm. And for those more aristically inclined, Greenville does have a cultural center. All Arts Matter is located on route 405 in Greenville and holds a number of events, exhibits, and musical performances throughout the year. The cultural center is also the location of the Greenville farmers market. Greenville has a public library and a cute, centrally-located town park.

Real estate prices are Greene-County reasonable, with some more-than-a-million properties, a few historical houses, farms, five-figure houses and one fairly spectacular renovated church available (since we can’t wait, we’ll be looking at that one later today).

Greenville is approximately 2.5 hours from NYC and 40 minutes from Albany.

Town of Greenville official website.

Community Partners of Greenville.

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