Town of the Week: Roscoe

  |  September 9, 2013
dundas castle

Dundas Castle, Roscoe. Via Wikipedia

Did you know that, deep in the woods of Sullivan County, there lies an abandoned castle? Built in the 1880s, Dundas Castle near the town of Rockland hamlet of Roscoe is tucked away in a secret location, half in ruins, with ivy and moss encroaching over the walls like the slowest, sneakiest enemy of the kingdom. Its original name is Craig-e-Clair Castle after the wife of the owner and builder Bradford Lee Gilbert, but eventually the house was bought by Ralph Wurts-Dundas after Gilbert’s death 1911. Hardcore ruins enthusiasts in upstate New York see Dundas Castle is a Holy Grail of sorts, not just because of its magnificent, fairy-tale-like Gothic/Elizabethan appearance. Dundas Castle is on private property, which means that if you go to ogle, you’re trespassing, and getting permission to explore is not easy to obtain. Fortunately, numerous websites provide us with access to the interior of the castle, and the romantic, eerie photos on Atlas Obscura are our favorites.

Needless to say, the castle had a lot to do with our making Roscoe our Town of the Week, since it sparked our interest in the hamlet located along Route 17 in northwestern Sullivan near the Sullivan/Delaware County border. Roscoe is known as the “Ultimate Fishing Town in the USA”, an honor bestowed upon it back in 2011 by the World Fishing Network. The Beaver Kill and the Willowemoc Creek intersect in Roscoe, which is great for fly-fishers. The hamlet itself is tiny with a population of around 540 residents, a number that no doubt grows during the fishing season. There are lots of inns and rental cabins to accommodate fly-fishing enthusiasts who journey into town, not to mention a few antique stores, pottery studios, and a restaurant or two. Furthermore, it’s not too far away to other popular destinations like Livingston Manor to the southeast and Margaretville to the northeast. Outdoorsy folks will enjoy many places to explore nature and spend some time outside, with Little Pond Campground and Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest nearby, as well as the Delaware River and an assortment of lakes.

junction pool roscoe

Junction Pool, Roscoe. Via Wikipedia

Not surprisingly, there are lots of rustic, woodsy cabins and cottages on the market in Roscoe, as well as some Victorians, Contemporaries, and Capes. The current average listing price in Roscoe is around $250,000 according to, with a median sales price of $89,500. We found plenty of nice properties in the mid-range and lower around the hamlet, and there’s land for sale plus a healthy selection of fixer-uppers and five-figure properties. If you’re looking for a house near the water, you’ll likely find it in Roscoe given its proximity to rivers, lakes, and creeks.

You can find out more about Roscoe by visiting the Chamber of Commerce website, which includes a handy visitors’ guide packed with information about Roscoe, Livingston Manor, and Lew Beach. Roscoe is located approximately 2 hours from NYC.

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