Town of the Week: Stanford

  |  September 4, 2012

The Bangall Whaling Company, Stanfordville

The key word for the town of Stanford (northern Dutchess County; not to be confused with STAMford, located in Delaware County) is “rural”. With a population of around 4,000 spread out over approximately 50 square miles, chances are decent that if you live there, you probably don’t have a nearby neighbor. Chances are even better that you won’t be able to walk to cute stores and restaurants, but there are other things to recommend the town aside from its lack of walkability: It’s gorgeous country. Rolling hills, farm land, plenty of open spaces to stretch one’s legs and mind, and a plethora of sprawling equestrian manses with acreage.

One example of the pretty, pricey properties located in Stanford

And while there are many drool-worthy estate and properties in Stanford (mostly within its hamlet of Stanfordville), they are not cheap. Median home price is around $400-450,000. Property taxes reflect same. Residents will also need a decent car or at least a hearty horse to get essentials in Stanford. The closest grocery stores are in Millbrook, about 10 miles away. There are, however, a couple of restaurants in the Stanford hamlet of Bangall: The Bangall Whaling Company, and the Red Devon Cafe and Market. Red Devon provides essential market items and take-out deli foods. On the plus side, the hamlet of Stanfordville is home McKeough’s Farm and Home Center, one-stop shopping for just about anything needed to augment a country house, plus plants, garden supplies, and hardware.

McKeough’s Farm and Home Center, Stanfordville

In short: Stanford is a great place to consider if you’re looking for a true upstate escape from both hustle and bustle, especially if price is truly no object. Located approximately 2 hours from NYC.

Town of Stanford website.

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