Want to Buy the Oldest House in Troy, NY? It’s Listed for under $100k…

  |  January 11, 2019

This Troy cottage might’ve been built in the early 18th-century…

At least, that’s what the listing says, and a few other sources, too. Could this cottage really be over 300 years old?

Well, maybe not all of it dates back to a time before the USA was even a thing. And, it might not be the absolute oldest structure in Troy city, but just to give you some perspective: One of Troy’s oldest buildings is the Knickerbocker Mansion, built around 1770.

According to the listing, it’s being offered “as-is” but boasts new windows, hardwood floors, and large yard. Four bedrooms plus 1.5 baths included.

The kitchen needs an update but looks spacious…

…and, it even comes with a formal dining room open to the living room.

The 1,221 square feet interior’s upstairs is divided into four bedrooms, but we can’t help but wonder if rooms could be combined to create more space…

troy cottage

Finally, the back deck needs work, and we’d lose the above-ground pool and deck to make room for flower and veggie plots. The listing puts the lot at .15 of an acre in size.

Walker Avenue is a quiet-seeming, tree-lined residential street about two miles from the center of Troy city. Perfect if you want to put a little distance between yourself and more populated areas, but still want to stay close to city-like conveniences.

Not too shabby for house that might be older than the cotton gin, the sewing machine, and carbonated water.

Picturing your renovation of this Troy cottage? Find out more about 17 Walker Avenue, Troy here

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