Two Cottages on Sullivan Co.’s Largest Non-Motorboat Private Lake, $75,000

  |  May 19, 2017

How about two for less than the price of one? We found it in Sullivan County along the shores of Yankee Lake, situated west of Wurtsboro village, 90 minutes from NYC. It’s squarely in Borscht Belt country, which is rife with bungalow communities like this one, nestled around a small body of water and tightly-packed into tight-knit communities. Sure, it might not be bucolic and private, but what it lacks in seclusion, it makes up for with sociable camaraderie and the kind of old-fashioned Catskills summer vibe in which you let your kids stay up way too late chasing fireflies with the neighbors’ kids.

Another perk of Yankee Lake? Lake of swampy vegetation makes it swimmable! Nothing like weeds dragging at your feet to skeeve out even the most hardcore of nature enthusiasts. Yankee Lake is also over 400 acres in size, and this duo of bungalows is close to the water’s edge. While the lots for both of these cottages is but a postage stamp, the lake is right across the road. The listing puts the condition of the cottages in the “good” category, but they both could use some updates to bring them out of the 1970s.

Need more info on Yankee Lake? Go here for the low-down.

12&4 Jersey Rd, Wurtsboro (Rieber Realty)


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