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The first of the two weekends of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is fast-approaching. Some of our gastronomically-inclined Upstaters may have thought ahead and booked their brunch reservations already, but for those who have not, no worries – we’re here to help you navigate this celebration of all things food and drink. Upstaters, meet your new favorite brunch spot, Duo Bistro:

The history of Ulster County’s Duo Bistro offers a lesson on thinking strategically in the restaurant business. The Duo crew’s approach to opening the eatery was thoughtful and well-planned, and began with the most important step of any career: the identification of a calling. Shortly after Juan Romero had embraced his love for food and cooking and decided to pursue the creative life of a chef, he met the other half of the “duo” (Niels Nielsen, now the current chef at Frogmore Tavern, also located in uptown Kingston), and the two began to plan for a new Kingston restaurant that would meet a need and incorporate the area’s vibrant agricultural community.

This is how the two arrived at the idea of an “elevated bistro” offering comfort food composed of high-quality local ingredients in a stylish and welcoming environment. Niche, consider yourself filled.

So what do the brunch and dinner menus of an elevated bistro look like? Well, sort of like heaven:


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And what do the brunch and dinner menus of an elevated bistro sound like? Since we can’t teleport Juan to your desk to pitch his mouthwatering menu personally (*yet,* who knows where web development will take us), we present the following interview for your consideration:

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