Two Byrdcliffe Cottages for the Price of One, $489K

  |  June 14, 2021

Go toward the light of these two Woodstock cottages kept cozy and well-lit by passive solar design, situated on over an acre. 

This week on Upstater, we’re celebrating passive solar design as means of reducing energy consumption. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also going to save you money. Now that we’ve grabbed your attention with that whole “save you money” thing, take a gander at these two gorgeous Woodstock bungalows, located in the midst of the original Byrdcliffe art colony.

two woodstock cottages

Both feature passive solar design, originally constructed in the 196os, facing south. In order for a home to be considered “passive solar,” it must collect warmth to distribute evenly, which keeps the interior toasty in the winter, while keeping the oppressive heat out during the summer. Location and the amount of shade play important parts in the process, and this 1.6-acre property offers both.

Skylights not only provide warmth during the winter, they also give light during the day and illuminate just how cute and well-maintained this open-floor-plan cottage is…

two woodstock cottages

…with an exterior deck accessed by glass sliders in the living room.

two woodstock cottages

Each of the cottages are considered legal residents and include a single bedroom and bath.

The smaller of the two includes a cheery interior, wood floors, and a sunroom to maximize lounging opportunities…

two woodstock cottages

…but, make sure you save some of that lounging for the sun-dappled yard, complete with gardens and old-growth trees. Be on the look-out for black bears, though.

two woodstock cottages

The property is on Glasco Turnpike in the Brydcliffe community, mere steps from the Woodstock village center.

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