Unconventional Glass House in Claryville, $449,000

  |  October 28, 2015
1489 denning road claryville ny

Have you seen the Frost Valley petroglyph? The large sandstone featuring a spiral carving is located on the north bank of the Neversink River in the town of Denning. There has been a ton of conjecture about the age of the stone and who carved it, although there’s no concrete evidence (see what we did there?) as to its origins. Some scholars believe the petroglyph is actually a map with the center of the spiral as the stone’s location, and most believe the stone is at least 1000 years old, if not older. But who carved it? And why? Are there other petroglyphs heretofore undiscovered nearby? Fall down a rabbithole here, here, and also here for some cool pictures of the Frost Valley carvings as well as other stone anomalies in New York.

Anyway, we’re glad there’s weirdness afoot near Denning, because it provides us an excuse to show you this newly-constructed glass house on 3.5 acres just north of Claryville hamlet in the town of Neversink. Modern to a tee, the single-story house provides a panoramic peak at the property’s natural setting. Not too many of these types of architecturally-designed homes out here in farm country. They’re almost as rare as petroglyphs. Includes an emergency generator (a must for Catskill Mountain winters) and a four-bay detached garage for your vehicle fleet.

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1489 Denning Road, Claryville (Country House Realty)

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