Hand-Crafted Cabin in Western Delaware County, NY, $105K

  |  November 17, 2020

“Getting away from it all” takes on a whole new meaning in this bespoke upstate cabin on 11.6 acres adjacent to a swathe of state land. 

If you’re serious about getting off-grid, this property is all about that life. In fact, according to the listing, the current owner lived full-time in this 480-square-foot cabin for four years, relying solely on its hand-dug well that is pumped to elevated storage containers, a wood stove, kerosene lamps, and a propane fridge, all powered by a generator.

upstate cabin

Still, imagine the freedom of self-reliance, in close communion with nature, the ultimate in social distancing. The entry sunroom is ready to be filled with your indoor plants…

upstate cabin

…and the interior is a simple layout: combined kitchen/dining/living room, plus a bedroom and a three-quarter bath (sorry, if you want to take a bath, you’ll have to put in an outdoor hot tub oh no what a horrible fate).

upstate cabin upstate cabin

There’s plenty of wood stacked and ready to be used…

…and the rustic, wild property comes with its own meandering stream, spring-fed pond, old-growth hardwood forests, rocky outcroppings, and a private road that you can maintain with the bulldozer that comes with the property. If you decide to build a bigger home, that bulldozer’s going to come in handy.

The western property line borders the Steam Mill State Forest, which encompasses over 5,500 acres of protected land, separating you even more for the prying eyes (and virus-filled droplets) of other humans.

From here, the closest center of civilization is Walton village, just ten miles away.

upstate cabin

Does getting off-grid to this upstate cabin sound more appealing everyday? Find out more about 6801 County Highway 27, Tompkins, NY from Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties

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