UPSTATE JANE: Acorn Hill Farm Cheesemaking Workshop!

  |  April 4, 2012

As most everyone knows, one of the joys of living upstate is the bounty of farmers’ markets! Last year I happened upon the Acorn Hill Farmstead stand at the Kingston Farmers’ Market on Saturdays in the Stockade District, and had a transformative experience with their goat cheese. I had never tasted better goat cheese in my life, and I gorge on have had my moderate share of goat cheese. This cheese was different, and it was evident from her “family photo” book of her “kids” that these goats were producing delicious cheese because of the way they were being raised and fed.  Joyce knows her goats and knows her cheese. Their small herd of dairy goats provide milk for cheese, fudge, and goat milk soaps and are managed with organic methods, love and respect.

This Spring, for anyone who has ever had the inclination to try cheesemaking at home, Acorn Hill is offering two workshops. The first on April 28th (a Saturday) and the second on May 20th (a Sunday) and run from 11:00am to 4:30pm at their farm in Walker Valley, NY.  I am going in May

Their cheese and also "Demi" one of the favorite milkers: a big girl with a lot of sass!

The workshops will help you learn the basic principles of cheesemaking while making several cheeses in their cheese production room. Geared to the beginning home cheesemaker or owners of the family milk goat, you will gain hands on experience making simple cheeses, take home recipes and cheesemaking supply resources, and have the opportunity to discuss any aspects of cheesemaking that are of interest to you.


$125 per person with $50 deposit to hold a space includes sampling of Acorn Hill Farmstead cheeses.

Please bring bag lunch.

Email for registration information.

Find them on facebook!

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