UPSTATE JANE: My House Crush, One Year Later–220K less

  |  October 19, 2012

Megan Oldenburger, aka Upstate Jane, is the owner of Dichotomy Interiors, an Interior Design and Style firm based in Woodstock, NY. She writes for Upstater about design, home furnishings, real estate and culture.

I still love this house. If I had the extra scratch I would be considering a swap- that is how much my husband and I loved this place. I looked at it 3 times, and on the 3rd time it’s charm was only slightly diminished (as in any relationship) when I started noticing it’s flaws. There was something going on with the roof, a little “blemish” here and there in the form of some (gasp!) mold. Plus a house blocker  helpful friend who came with on the last viewing and said she felt the ceilings in this old stone home made her feel claustrophobic,  (she is 5’11”). I pointed out to her however, that an even taller than she- supermodel- owned it, but she started giving it a sarcastic nickname (the dollhouse). Yes, all 2,281 square feet of it. Between the sprouting flaws and the $700,000 price tag- who was I kidding? The taxes were at 15K and even with renting out the AMAZING renovated barn, we would be spending too much money per month on this place. But we did have a crush and still would think about this house, even after marrying moving in to our new home.

Well as it always goes…the house is still on the market, and now it is in the price range where we would have “made the commitment”. The taxes are also down. The house went on the market in March of 2011 for 895K, and then continued to drop.  The home is currently at 475K, and we are kicking ourselves.  So maybe someone else can see the beauty we saw in this gorgeous home? Will I be jealous of you? Yes. Will I want to insist you hire me to decorate or do any renovations on the home or barn? Yes. Here are some extra photos I took last year when fantasizing on making an offer.

My original post when it was priced at 695K

The current listing at 475K (with far less photos- please refer to my original post)


  • Beds:4 Bed
  • Baths:2 Bath
  • House Size:2,281 Sq Ft
  • Lot Size:5.78 Acres
  • Year Built:1800


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