Upstate Places We Like: High Falls, NY

  |  July 13, 2011

High Falls
may be small–population 600-ish–but it packs a lot of services, culture and good looking real estate into a tiny town. We stayed a few miles down the road recently and stocked up on provisions at the food co-op, which was so sweetly hippie-dippy that they had a free produce rack at the front for fruits and veggies on their last legs. Those free browning bananas went directly to my heart.

High Falls is also known for great restaurants, art galleries and gardening shops, and also has a beer brewing and tasting shop. Such businesses should give you a sense of folks who are drawn to the town–outdoors enthusiasts, latte-sippers, folks with second homes, artists, living amid the farmers. Make no mistake: it’s tiny, but cosmopolitan. It’s on my short list. Map on the jump.

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