Upstate Wedding Suggestions, Ideas, Experiences? Please Share!

  |  January 16, 2012

Your faithful Greene County correspondent is getting married! I’m thrilled, but also reeling a bit from my initial phone calls to venues. I’d love to find a beautiful space Upstate to have our wedding and sadly my little Upstate house comes with a correspondingly little lawn. The first venue I called in Greene County has a $4000 site fee for a half day rental, which doesn’t include any set-up or staff (or tables or chairs). Did I mention this is the same site fee that the Brooklyn Boathouse charges, one of the nicer places to get married in the BK, but they give you chairs with that price?

Maybe I’m naive for thinking this steep, but I’d love thoughts from you all on places and ways to have an affordable Upstate wedding. Comments, please!

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