Upstater Destination: Bear Creek Landing

  |  February 10, 2012

Bear Creek Landing in Hunter is one of those one-stop-shopping places for recreation: snow mobile in the winter, horseback riding or paintball in the summer. Hit the driving range or take the kids to play miniature golf. It has a little something for everyone, and a combination of kitsch and beautiful views.

The mini golf course has 18 holes, complete with waterfalls, sand traps and all the things that straddle that line between frustrating mini-golf and fun mini-golf. If you prefer full-size golf to the mini kind, Bear Creek Landing also has a 20 pad, 300-yard driving range.

If you need something a little more exciting and dangerous, or if you feel like using your family or friends for target practice, Bear Creek also offers paintball. In case you’ve never played, be warned: getting hit with a paintball might sting a bit, especially if you’ve been shot at close range. There’s also a paintball shooting range if you prefer sharp-shooting over battlefield strategizing.

You can also ride at Bear Creek: horses in warmer months, snowmobiles in the snowy ones. Don’t worry; you won’t be left to your own devices.  Guides will be there to help you navigate the grounds on whichever means of transport you choose.  And since paintballing, horseback riding, and tiny golfing is hard work on those core muscles, you can refuel at the Bear Creek Landing Restaurant.  It’s basic and hearty fare, like burgers, pasta and lots of seafood.

Bear Creek books and caters special events, like birthdays, bachelor parties and tent weddings.  There are also holiday celebrations, such as Independence Day fire works displays and seasonal festivals, so check the website or call for details on those.

Prices for activities are not listed on their website, which always gives us pause.  The Bear Creek Landing website suggests you call for that information.  But the place looks cool, fun and perfect for when the family starts asking, “What are we going to do today?”

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