Upstater Destinations: Felice County Fair, August 31st

  |  August 22, 2013

felice county fair

Have you been to Opus 40 in Saugerties yet? It’s a giant, breathtaking sculpture park created by in 1938 by Harvey Fite. Originally Fite’s private art oasis, Opus 40 was eventually opened to the public in 1977 by his widow. Since then, the park has not only been a great place to wander and explore, but a venue for music and events, as well. On Saturday, August 31st, the Felice Brothers, local musicians of note, and Radio Woodstock will be holding the Felice County Fair at Opus 40. The fair will feature lots of local music (see flyer above) and a multitude of food trucks, including ‘Cue BBQ, Pippy’s Hotdog Truck, Yum Yum on Wheels, and the Tin Cantina, just to name a few.

Not that you need an excuse to visit Opus 40 on the reg (as the kids like to say), but for some of us, we need an event to get us up and out of the house. The Felice County Fair is the perfect opportunity to do just exactly that. Enjoy some live music, eat some delicious food, and bask in one of the coolest art installations in all of upstate New York. The fair starts at noon and ends at dusk. Bring the kids. If they’re 10 and under, they’re free. Tickets are $25 ($65 if you want to roll as a VIP) and can be purchased on the Radio Woodstock Felice County Fair page. It’s sure to be quite a scene. See you there!

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