Upstater Destinations: Long Dock Park, Beacon

It’s hard to imagine that, at one point in Long Dock Park’s history, it was a junkyard and an oil terminal. Now, Long Dock Park in Beacon is a shining example of what Scenic Hudson can do when it gets its hands on a piece of riverfront property. Last time we were there back in 2009, the restoration was still in process, but since then, a new kayak pavilion has been built (see above), and existing barn on the property has been transformed into the Scenic Hudson River Center/Mill Street Loft Arts, an arts and environmental education center.

Long Dock Park couldn’t be more convenient to the Metro-North station, as it’s pretty much right on top of it. It’s worth the travel from the city to see the Park alone, but combine it with a trip to the Dia: Beacon (right next door), followed by some shopping in town, and you’ve got a great day trip on your hands.

Here’s a couple of shots we took back in early spring of 2009. The view of the river from the park is one of the best around.


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