Upstater Destinations: Tuthilltown Spirits

  |  August 9, 2012

Tuthilltown Distillery, via Tuthilltown Spirits website

First, our apologies to our friends who readers who do not imbibe. But if you do and are a fan of small-batch hooch made with locally-sourced ingredients, you are in for quite a treat at Tuthilltown Spirits. The Gardiner-based distillery was founded in 2003, after partners Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee acquired the historic, 220-year-old Tuthilltown Grist Mill. They’ve been cranking out bourbons, whiskeys, vodkas, rum, and other spirits ever since, using ingredients acquired within 10 miles of the facility.

In the aged spirits department, Tuthilltown has a variety of ryes, whiskeys, and bourbons. Upstater can attest to the quality; we love Tuthilltown’s baby bourbon whiskey. But we won’t turn up our noses at a decent vodka or gin, either, and Tuthilltown has those, too.

A batch of Baby Bourbon. AKA Yum.

Priding themselves on being the “first New York Farm Distillery Whiskey Tasting Room since prohibition,” Tuthilltown Spirits’ distillery shop is open five days a week (closed Tuesday and Wednesday), when the shop is open, no reservations are needed for the tasting room. Tours are also available Friday-Sunday, and Tuthilltown likes to keep the tour groups small, reservations are recommended. They also hold lots of special events, which you can find out about on their website. Did you just buy a bottle at your friendly neighborhood wine and spirits shop, and you’re not sure what to do with it? Use one of Tuthilltown’s drool-worthy recipes. And if you find yourself hungry after your tasting, pop next door to the Tuthill House Restaurant and Tavern (different owners).

Thirsty yet?

Photo via Tuthilltown Spirits website.


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