Upstater Magazine Has Arrived!

  |  July 2, 2015

Did the sun seem a little brighter today? Did the birds dance and sing as you stepped outside? We noticed too, but it’s all for good reason. Rejoice! The very first print of Upstater arrived today!


We tore through the packaging like children on Christmas (in July) and shed tears of joy. Their glossy sheen shone on our silly grins and the smell of new magazine wafted through the air; then we shook ourselves from the trance and got right to distributing. As eager as we we’re to hold the new babies, we’re equally excited for you to hold them. We’re actively distributing so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the new Upstater magazine, a tribute to living a connected life!


About Alex Simeoforides

Alex is from Hopewell Junction, born and raised; he can be found scouring the Hudson Valley for great food, culture and beauty.

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