Victorian in Newburgh’s Historic District, $265,000

  |  March 12, 2015
238 montgomery st newburgh ny

One of our readers recently commented on this post that Hudson real estate has “jumped the shark.” When it comes to sheer beauty of the architecture there, we couldn’t disagree more. The listing prices, on the other hand, well, yeah. We concede the Columbia County city seems to be getting more and more expensive with each passing year. So where do we turn to now for our trove of hidden treasures? Why, Newburgh, of course! It’s nothing new. We’ve been plumbing the Newburgh listings for years now and bringing properties like this Victorian rowhouse to the surface. Located in Newburgh’s historic district near the waterfront, the home’s interior is pristine like a shiny new nickel. Lots of built-in shelving, too, along with some great views of the Hudson River. Just a postage stamp of land, but given its to the nearest train station (Beacon, just over the Newburgh Beacon Bridge), it’s in a good spot. So let’s not ruin the fantasy by mentioning the property taxes. Oh, and it shares a wall with the next door neighbors’ rowhouse. Would that be a deal-breaker?

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238 Montgomery Street, Newburgh (Keller Williams) GMAP

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