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  |  March 31, 2017

As the Upstater home base, Kingston gets a lot of love on this blog. What’s a little more fun is seeing a NYC perspective on our humble town. recently published an article that featured many local Kingston businesses, a good handful founded by former Brooklyn or Manhattan residents. Lauding the look of each one, and noting the designerly and artsy vibe, they caught on to a lot of different places throughout the entire town.

For those in the know, the Kingston waterfront, is often referred to as the Strand, or the Rondout.  Vogue first mentions the Rondout’s universally-adored Brunette Wine Bar and then travels to higher ground, through midtown, all the way to the historic Stockade district, also called uptown. Vogue does make the jaunt uptown to reach Kovo, the second restaurant opened by Maria Philippis. (The first is the beloved Boitson’s, a raw bar just a few doors down from her newer Greek eatery.)

We’d like to share some of our own articles about our lovely little town. Vogue mentions Michael Drapkin, a downtown wine merchant just up the street from Brunette. Also a spirit staple is Ester Wine and Spirits, across the town and next door to Boitson’s. We’re a town that loves good drinks, and Kingston has also become a base for Hetta Glog, a spirits company that started out in Rhinebeck, just across the river, and has since moved into the Strand. Besides vendors, we have some bars that have received the nod from other large publications. The Stockade Tavern has been mentioned in the New York Times, Huffington Post and Esquire.

Shopping in historic Kingston tends to run towards the boutique and curated, and there are plenty of antique shops in the Stockade district, midtown and in the Rondout. Besides newer the brick and mortar Clove and Creek, and it’s neighbor Hops Petunia there’s also the more established Petalos, in uptown.

We could go on, but we just want to share the love. Vogue has the right idea, but you need to come up and experience Kingston for yourself!

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