Vogue Wants You to Weekend Upstate

  |  September 2, 2014

Over the course of the Labor Day weekend, our email in-boxes practically exploded from all of the alerts we received about things to do in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Like it or not, out-of-towners are coming up and exploring our world, so best get used to the rapidly-increasing influx. Among the barrage of messages about where to stay and what to do and what to eat and where to shop, we received this ditty from a little glossy print called Vogue (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) entitled Vogue’s Weekend Guide to Upstate New York. We all know by now that the term “upstate” means many things to many people, and some may argue that all of the places mentioned by the piece’s author aren’t in the “real” upstate New York since they are all south of Albany. Regardless, the usual spots get a shout out: Fish and Game in Hudson, The Graham & Co. in Phoenicia, Kate’s Lazy Meadow in Mt. Tremper, the Saugerties Lighthouse (we always used to find ourselves surprised when the Saugerties Lighthouse would get mentioned somewhere, but it happens so often now, we come to expect it), the Walkway, etc. But it was also nice to see the Spruceton Inn and the Barryville Schoolhouse get their props, as well. As always, we’d love to see more “off the beaten path” recommendations comes from these sources. On the other hand, perhaps we don’t. We’re sure you know what we mean by that.

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