It’s Operation: Restoration for this Catskills Victorian, $65K

  |  September 18, 2020
walton village victorian

This 120-year-old Walton village Victorian is holding out for a hero. Could you be the Chosen One to bring back its former glory? 

If you can see past the clutter, the potential in this three-bedroom antique home starts to shine through…as does its need for a renovation that’s sensitive to its historic character.

walton village victorian

Suffice it to say, the 1,700-square-foot interior has been lived in and loved for many years, and it’s got the wear-and-tear to show for it. Still, for a listing price of $65,000, renovation seems attainable, but take a closer look at the details, like the ceilings, wood floors, trim, wood paneling, and fixtures. They all need to be updated, as well as the things that can’t be seen.

walton village victorian

There lots of period details worth preserving, including stained glass windows, moldings, and the wood staircase. Upstairs, there are two bedrooms plus a master suite that the listing purports are actually two bedrooms, combined.

walton village victorian walton village victorian

Note that the master bedroom has a entrance onto a second story balcony, as well as a separate sitting area.

The project sits on a quarter-acre of land just north of the Delaware County village of Walton, NY. Its hilly perch keeps it safe from potential floods from nearby West Branch Delaware River. From here, NYC is about a 2.5-hours’ drive away.

walton village victorian

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