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  |  February 18, 2016
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The Watershed Post recently reported that Cathy and Ben Ballone, owners of what was once the Catskill Game Farm, are struggling to find investors in the plans to the turn the former Greene County zoo into a wedding venue/inn/campground/RV park. The Ballones have owned the 206-acre Game Farm since 2012 when they purchased it at a bargain-basement price of $100,000. From the Watershed Post article:

“After they purchased the property, they began looking for partners to invest $2 million to help them build a campground and RV park that would include equine camping, seasonal RV spots and tent sites. They also hoped to build a museum to showcase the history of the zoo.

Four years later, the Ballones are reconsidering their plan. They have not found an investor who is willing to put millions into the property.”

That’s a darn shame, given that the Ballones have such great plans for this slice of Catskill history. One of the things Cathy Ballone, a wedding planner, plans to do is turn the giraffe barn into a wedding space with a five-room inn, commercial kitchen, and dining room. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a cool place to tie the knot to us.

The Ballones have a GoFundMe campaign to raise $8000 to clean up the property and make it safe for visitors, but they need thousands more to renovate the existing buildings as well as make other improvements. Any investors out there looking to invest in a cool upstate venture? Find out more on TheOldGameFarm.com.

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