Wares Boutique Showcases the Work of Independent Designers: This Beacon Boutique Specializes in Small-Batch, Stylish, and Sustainable Finds

  |  January 3, 2019

One of Beacon’s newest retail destinations, Wares brings together cutting-edge design in jewelry, clothing and home goods from sustainably minded, socially conscious makers under one roof.

“It’s part of the creative ferment of Beacon’s arts revitalization that it seems like you hear about a new shop opening every other week,” says owner Andrea Podob. “I don’t want to have the same stuff as everyone else, and I don’t want to step on any toes. Everybody’s indie retail dream is unique, and I’m hoping mine will thrive here.”

Podob has pulled together an impressive collection. Gingham yin-yang dresses, tassel coats, kimonos, and velvet box tees; marbled jewelry in earth tones that evoke other planets, the Infinite Boob Tote, and much more are available in her online retail store alongside intriguing books, prints, and throw pillows. And if you’re anywhere near Beacon, go check out the array of clothing, textiles, jewelry, accessories, art and home goods in the brick-and-mortar shop.

“I focused on creating a space to support independent and emerging designers that produce thoughtfully made items in small to medium batches, be it hand-fabricated jewelry, clothing made from deadstock materials that would otherwise be wasted, or plant-dyed pillows,” she says. “It’s a curated lifestyle shop for lovers of handmade, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind.  The common thread with my designers is the care and intention they put into their work, which is expressed in everything from craftsmanship and design to ethical sourcing and sustainable materials.”

Podob grew up in Michigan, but her father’s Queens roots added summers in the Catskills to the mix. When she decided to pursue design, she headed to Brooklyn herself for a decade of explorations. “I did a bunch of things,” she says. “I did jewelry design, I did markets, I worked for other designers. I worked corporate for a bit, was a production assistant. I worked as a server; I freelanced.”

After 10 years, the open spaces and slower paces were calling, and a revitalized, art-loving Beacon offered opportunity. “Having my own space where I can pull creators together and give them a platform, in such a great little city, is satisfying,” she says. “I love the sourcing—meeting people and hearing their stories.” Podob goes back to restaurants where she worked as a server and to sure fellow servers who make fine things have her card. She pursues beauty from coast to coast wherever it lurks.

“These velvet box tees, all hand-sewn and hand-dyed from natural materials are made by a woman who is a horse trainer by day,” she says. “I found these unique Friendly Face wall hangings that are made by a pair of sisters. I get hand-fabricated jewelry—very minimalist, all natural textures and shapes—made from 100 percent recycled materials from a friend in Portland, Maine. I’d love to work with more Hudson Valley makers, and the longer I’m here, the more designers I’m discovering.”

The shop has a solid five stars on Google. “Loved the vibe and overall aesthetic,” says a reviewer. “Perfect place to get gifts and pick up some beautiful things for yourself!” Another is short and to the point: “Spent the day at Dia…this was easily the best shop in Beacon.”

You can come meet Andrea and see the works of Wares at 2 Tioronda Avenue in Beacon; she’s open Thursday through Monday, 12 to 6 (except Sundays, when she closes at 5.) For more information and enticement, visit Wares on Facebook or follow @warestheshop on Instagram.

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