This Week on Upstater: Big Houses at Not-So-Big Prices

  |  February 22, 2016
2415 route 145 durham ny

2415 Route 145, Durham: $125,000

Back in May 2015, we devoted an entire week to Affordable Mansions on the market, and we haven’t stopped thinking about them since. So, we waited just long enough until we could skim the cream from the top of the real estate stock and present to you a brand new batch of those oh-so-big houses at oh-so-affordable prices.

We’re widening our scope to include just about any house around 3000-square feet or more, mansion or not, with a listing price of $500,000 or less. Expect to find your most affordable big houses in the western Catskills (and beyond to the PA border), northern Hudson Valley, and Sullivan County. Kingston’s inventory is down to a handful in the cheap big house department, but we still found a few beauties. Same with Saugerties, too. Are you as excited as we are? Stay tuned…

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