This Week on Upstater: Commuter Towns of the Hudson Valley

  |  December 19, 2016

Old Garrison train station via Wikipedia Commons

One of the biggest complaints we hear about living north of Westchester County is the lack of access to public transportation. While it’s true that hopping on a subway or bus (and oh, the lamented lack of Uber in the more populous areas of the Hudson Valley) is not as easy up here as it is in the city, you can, at the very least, reduce the amount of driving you do by situating yourself next to a train or bus station.

Make no mistake: Life in the Upstater area is much easier with a car. In fact, some might argue a car is indispensable (and by “some,” we mean “us”) to getting the most out of the Hudson Valley and Catskills. And, in a few places, having a car is the only way you’re going to get your groceries.

However, daily work schedules are changing. Telecommuting means that more people are making the world their office, for better or worse, and it isn’t always necessary to clock in and sit in a cube for nine hours a day. If you can land such a liberating work situation, why not make your home base the Hudson Valley?

This week, we’re leaving behind the tucked-away places and heading toward civilization and the buses and trains that will get you to work on time. Garrison, Cold Spring, Beacon, Rhinecliff, and Hudson are all coveted destinations for homebuyers, but there are plenty of residential properties in other places like Kingston, Newburgh, Patterson, and Brewster that offer access to buses and trains, not to mention the towns west of the Hudson near the Port Jervis line. Come along with us as we dive into the real estate listings and stay tuned…

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