This Week on Upstater: Kid-Friendly Communities in the Hudson Valley & Catskills

  |  December 26, 2016

This week, it’s all about the kids.

And, there’s plenty to do in the Hudson Valley and Catskills if you happen to be a kid, or have one residing your home. Certainly the accessibility to nature and the opportunity to embrace quiet without a device in hand increases as you head north of the city, making just about every place in the Upstater area potentially kid-friendly. But those with kids want good schools, too, and diverse communities with after-school activities and extra-curriculars.

There’s also the issue of public libraries and what programs they offer, not to mention places to take kids for unstructured fun, the kind that involves stomping around in mud puddles, swimming in creeks, and investigating plant life. Yep, the Hudson Valley and Catskills ticks off all those boxes, too.

But, what about parents who want to homeschool? Will there be resources available to them? Is there a local homeschooling group? Are there enough non-school activities to give their kids a well-rounded education? Check, check, and check. Plenty of private schools, too. Some of the best in the country are right here in the Hudson Valley.

Stay tuned this week as we take all of these issues (schools, parks, playgrounds, public libraries, after/non-school educational activities, access to nature, etc.) into account while we plumb the residential real estate listings in the kid-friendly communities of the Hudson Valley & Catskills…

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