This Week on Upstater: Life Among the Arbors in Hudson Valley’s Wine Country

  |  February 29, 2016
wine grapes

How hungry are you to see some green leaves again? We’re starved for spring over here at Upstater, too, and when we think of green, we can’t help but think of red and white, too. Like the kind of red and white you might find in a shiny glass bottle. That’s right, we’re thinking about wineries and springtime visits to the Napa Valley of New York, AKA Hudson Valley wine country (or perhaps Napa Valley should be calling itself the ‘Hudson Valley of California,’ since the Hudson Valley’s been doing it longer).

For the purposes of refining this week’s theme, we’re focusing on the Shawangunk Wine Trail, which spreads from the town of Esopus in Ulster County, through the New Paltz area, and down into Orange County. In that area alone exist fifteen wineries, more than enough to create a fully-fleshed out itinerary to kill a number of weekends during the spring and summer.

Or, why not just move into the heart of all those luscious grapes? Think about the places the produce the best wine: The French countryside, the vineyards of Italy, and, of course, Napa Valley and Sonoma. Who wouldn’t want to live there? Good news is, the Hudson Valley is a lot closer, so we’ll be looking at west-of-Hudson wine country real estate all week long. Bottoms up!

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