This Week on Upstater: Live, Work, or Live/Work in the Hudson Valley & Catskills

  |  May 29, 2017

All three of these spaces exist at 508 Warren Street, Hudson: $749k

The option to make part of your home space a viable work space is sort of the Holy Grail of employment situations, particularly if you’re self-employed and you workspace requirements go beyond simply being able to prop yourself up in bed with your laptop. Artists, craftspeople, freelancers, yoga teachers, and musicians all need a space to work that’s separate from the hub of the home, a place where one can focus on work and clients while remaining in contact with the rest of the household

Plus, you can’t beat that commute.

This week on Upstater, we’re rolling up our sleeves and digging into the residential real estate listings for Live/Work properties all over the Hudson Valley and Catskills. These residential or mixed-use properties could include: Storefront, separate studio, office with separate entrance, workshop, barn that could be converted into a workshop/studio, or any other extra space on the property that could work for your work.

Stay tuned…and in the meantime, enjoy this frighteningly-accurate take on working from home

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