This Week on Upstater: A Peek at Peekskill

  |  March 21, 2016

Photo by Pamela Ashley Pasco

Have you heard about the Upstater Peekskill Giveaway? It’s our biggest one ever, and should you prove triumphant, you’ll be treated to a weekend getaway to the artsy riverside city of Peekskill. Enter here to win. Want to learn more about Peekskill ? Read this exploration from the spring 2016 issue of Upstater Magazine. It will give you the low-down on Peekskill’s hot spots and culture.

We admit that we’ve shied away from Peekskill in the past here in the virtual pages of this blog, strictly based on its Westchester County location alone. However, as Brian PJ Cronin explains in the piece above, Peekskill “has been fresher and edgier than the rest of the county,” thanks to an influx of creative types in the late 1980s. Consider our interest sparked.

So, this week, in celebration of our biggest giveaway ever, we’re delving into Peekskill’s real estate listings, broadening the search a little to include the country because we know how much you love those Hudson Valley country homes. Peekskill, here we come! Stay tuned…

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