This Week on Upstater: Reconsidering Poughkeepsie City and Suburbs

  |  June 5, 2017

73 Davis Street, Poughkeepsie: $239,900

It’s time to throw some love to Poughkeepsie. The Dutchess County city doesn’t get a ton of it, but, as far as small cities in the Hudson Valley go, it has its good points. For example, it’s not all sprawl and strip malls. There are some beautiful old neighborhoods, a couple of them nationally-designated historic sites. And, it is a city, after all, so if you need to order Vietnamese food on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll likely find it. Also, you’ll find live music venues, waterfront parks, a walkway over the Hudson River, accessible public transportation, places to look at art, and just about anything else you might want from living in a city.

So, this week on Upstater, we’ll be featuring current residential real estate listings from the greater Poughkeepsie area. Expect to find a little of everything, including inexpensive homes, vintage properties, fancier houses, and a lot more. Stay tuned…

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