This Week on Upstater: Victorian Visions

  |  February 8, 2016
64 main st germantown ny

64 Main Street, Germantown: $329,000

This week’s theme comes to us courtesy a bumper crop of Victorians currently on the market in both the Hudson Valley and Catskills. It also comes courtesy one of our favorite weekend activities: Driving to another town to “oooh” and “aaah” over the houses. We can’t be the only ones who do this, but if somehow we are, treat yourself to a trip up north and don’t just drive down Main Street. Take a few rights and lefts into the neighborhoods and enjoy the eye-candy before you, free of charge. A few of our faves: Athens, Catskill, Cold Spring, Coxsackie, Delhi…we could go on, and in alphabetical order, too, apparently!

Based on sheer curb appeal alone, the Victorians will always grab our attention while we slow down to around 6 mph. We openly admit that we’re suckers for the gingerbread detailing, scroll trim, occasionally fanciful painted exterior, perhaps even a turret or two. That doesn’t mean we don’t love contemporary design (we think we’ve made that pretty clear…ahem Minimalist obsession…ahem), but nothing stands out more than a drop-dead gorgeous Victorian house. So, this week, let’s gas up the Subaru and go find us some stand-outs. Stay tuned…



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