This Week on Upstater: Waterfront and Water Views in the Hudson Valley & Catskills

  |  May 9, 2016
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Let’s spend this week on the waterfront. After all, isn’t water one of the reasons we live in this area? The Hudson Valley and Catskills are resplendent with waterbodies, not to mention the mighty Hudson River itself, providing recreational activities as well as something pretty to look at from our windows and porches (if we’re lucky enough to live near the water). The water in the Catskills is so good, it supplies NYC with its supply. It’s everywhere, and we want to be near it.

This week, we’ll be scouring the real estate listings and presenting our favorite waterfront/water view properties in the Upstater area. Looking to dip in a toe in the prospect of living here? Stay tuned…


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