This Week on Upstater: Young & Professional in Sullivan County

  |  April 18, 2016
bethel woods

Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center, Sullivan County via

The Sullivan County Democrat recently released its 2016 list of Young Professionals (under 40, making an impact in the community, etc.), and we decided to take a look-see. See, we’re not economists, and we’re not real estate/financial prognosticators; we are real estate enthusiasts with a penchant for inquiry into the inner-workings of communities in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. In other words, we dig reading lists like these, and in some way, they do provide a snapshot into how these areas are growing.

In addition to the usual strong crop of YPs (Young Professionals, our abbreviation for the sake of brevity) who’ve inherited their family’s businesses, the list includes YPs who grew up in Sullivan County, moved away for educational/career advancement, and returned to stay for the long-haul. We think it says something about a rural area that actually draws professionals under 40 back home after they’ve been away for a while. It’s promising. It offers hope. Even more hopeful? Those under 40 who come to a community and invest in it. The list includes a few of those YPs, too, and we expect to see a much more diverse crop of YPs in years to come, as more and more people get hip to how great the Catskills actually are. But then again, as we said, we’re not prognosticators. We just live around here and read lists in local publications, like the Sullivan County Democrat’s 2016 list of Young Professionals.

So, this week, let’s turn our attention to the real estate in Sullivan County. But not just single-family homes, oh no! Let’s look at the investment properties, too. Maybe you’re under 40. Maybe you’re looking for a place to settle down, maybe invest, maybe start a business, maybe start a family. Can you do it? Only you can decide. Stay turned each day this week for promising listings to help make your decision…


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