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  |  January 29, 2015

Luxurious Cabin in Elizaville

Price/night: $400
Accommodations: Full house, 2 bedrooms
Max guests: 4
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
Christopher Coleman and Angel Sanchez, currently based in NYC, have had their design and fashion work featured in the New York Times, Elle Décor, and Harper’s Bazaar, and now they can add “Airbnb host” to their resumes. Put these two creative minds together, add a nostalgia for the lush forests of the Hudson Valley, and you have the perfect vacation rental. Angel and Chris’ cabin stands out dramatically in the woods of Columbia County and invites guests inside to immerse themselves in a world that’s both impeccably designed and off-the-grid.

Sample reviews:

“Fantastic. From booking to the cabin itself, everything was perfect. This wonderfully appointed cabin is located in a truly pristine setting — making it a perfect place to “get away from it all” for a few days. The host is also top notch — Angel truly went out of his way to make sure we had a pleasant stay.

Highly recommend.”

“As if you couldn’t tell from the photos – Angel and Chris have a beautifully modern cabin on a spectacular property. If you’re into peaceful and secluded weekends (or weeks), we definitely recommend swinging by Elizaville… and Hudson is just 15 minutes away so if you need a few more humans (or modern furniture), its a quick car ride. Lastly, Angel was incredibly responsive to any and all questions we had before and during our stay – which was sincerely appreciated.”

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