Weekend on a Waterfall

  |  February 19, 2015

Today’s list of weekend rentals is yet another tribute to New York’s bounty of water features. Whenever we hear more news on the relative aridity of the rest of the country, we can’t help but step back and give the many bodies of  water in our state a nice, long, slow clap. The waterfalls of the Hudson River are undoubtedly worthy of our awe and adoration. Not only do they look amazing turned to solid sheets of ice in the winter, but waterfalls have also played a large role in the history of New York’s economic development. Going back a few centuries, if the Dutch settlers hadn’t figured out how to harness falling water for energy, the Hudson River area would probably be a forest of windmills by now. So without further ado, here are our top three picks for your weekend on a waterfall:

1) Accord Farmhouse


Price/night: $550
Accommodations: Full house, 3 bedrooms
Max guests: 6
Min stay: 1 night
House description:
This Accord farmhouse is already a design celebrity in its own right, but we’ll give it a little more attention in order to highlight this rental’s functional features. Don and his partner keep a low profile as hosts, but they pay great attention to the comfort of their guests. The kitchen is well-stocked with cookware and easy to navigate, the fireplace in the living room is the perfect touch for vacations in the colder months, and when it warms up, guests are invited to use the unique outdoor shower after an afternoon spent splashing in the nearby stream!

Sample reviews:

“Don and Ray have a beautiful home and we felt so lucky to spend the weekend there. As hosts, they were very accommodating and easy-going. The work that they’ve put into the house is both subtle and beautifully detailed. Each room has both antique charm and modern touches. The stove is wonderful and our friend, the chef, loved it. From the fireplace to the creekside view, the experience at their place is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally perfect. All of which is a long-winded way of saying we had a wonderful time! It was also such a treat that our dog was welcome as well! The area is beautiful: twisty mountain roads, very pleasant neighbors across the way (who gave us some great advice on the best place to pick apples), a comfy tavern up the road where we enjoyed a nice supper. With three bedrooms and lots of lovely spaces (both outdoor and in), it was a perfect getaway! We hope to return…thank you, Don and Ray!”

“Don and Ray were the hosts with the most. Quickly communicated, gave great directions, and information on local things to do. From the moment we arrived, Ray gave us a tour and not only gave us a bottle of wine to enjoy but puppy treats! They were both very generous (told us not to bring staples like you may have to do at other rentals) and cooking on the antique stove was a pleasure. The fireplace in the kitchen / dining area is amazing during meals and really made for a charming experience.
The house is gorgeous. After posting pictures on instagram all of my design friends were like “where IS THIS???” If you are a furniture junkie you will appreciate how well curated the pieces are and how they just make the house feel like a rustic-luxury sanctuary in beautiful Accord. Speaking of luxury…amazing towels and linens which made our stay even more enjoyable. There’s nothing like taking a bath in their beautiful claw foot tub in the master suite and just relaxing to the sound of the stream on the property. They’ve also got a great sound system (and CD’s) so we never even plugged in our music. Dont be surprised to see a few horses strolling by after you’ve had coffee. This was the perfect weekend getaway and Don and Ray were the perfect hosts. Thank you guys! We’ll be back!!!”

2) Lofty Rhinebeck Estate


Price/night: $1950
Accommodations: Full house, 6 bedrooms
Max guests: 12
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
Delyse hosts Airbnb guests at ten homes in the Dutchess County area, but this Rhinebeck estate is hands-down her pièce de résistance. Situated on top of a sixty foot waterfall, the main house features a library, a media room, a luxurious bath, and a magnificent mix of wood, stone, and glass design features that complement the scenic views of the waterfall and surrounding forest. There are three smaller buildings included in the rental package as well, so your dream vacation at this striking estate could include up to twelve.

3) Woodstock Tipi


Price/night: $150
Accommodations: Full house
Max guests: 4
Min stay: 1 night
House description:
House description:
Don’t worry, we had to double-check too – Andrew and Chloe’s tipi is really a year-round rental. Sure, this may be a move to accommodate the winter hiking enthusiasts, but a significant percentage of excellent reviews for the tipi are from folks with a need for a unique weekend experience and no intention whatsoever of engaging with the cold weather. Being true brick-and-mortar-and-fieldstone-and-log enthusiasts, we have yet to try renting a tipi, but if we were to venture from solid structures to more malleable fabric, we would start right here, under the caring supervision of Andrew, Chloe, and of course, their friendly pooch, Marvin.

Sample reviews:

This tipi was so much fun! Very authentic. We enjoyed chopping wood and making a campfire in the tipi! Andrew came over when we got there to welcome us and gave us some tips on how to chop the wood as we had no prior experience. The location is fabulous – easy drive to town in the morning for coffee and breakfast sandwiches as bread alone. Dinner at nearby cucina was delicious. Be sure to bring warm clothes to sleep in at night! Loved this experience!

I am grateful to Andrew for being a phenomenal host. We were very impressed with the setup. All of the directions were on point and easy to follow. We arrived at night, but parking, finding the tipi, and getting situated could not have been easier. It was a cold night, but extra blankets were conveniently located and the firewood was close by. I was prepared to search for kindling, but Andrew had already taken care of that, as well as many other small conveniences. We had a great time and would be happy to come back!

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