Weekending 101: Never Judge a Book by its Cover


Streamside Country House in Woodstock

Price/night: $1,500
Accommodations: Full house, 6 bedrooms
Max guests: 10
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
We saw the featured image, we saw the word “stream,” and we figured we had stumbled upon VRBO’s tribute to the incredible natural landscape that draws tourists from all over the world to Woodstock. Then we saw the interior, and, well, the piece hanging above the fireplace says it all: WOW. Unexpectedly chic, spacious, and full of light, this Woodstock retreat has jumpstarted the section of our right brain designated for all things interior design: Yes! A gray color scheme is an excellent idea! Yes! Anyone can do it, regardless of whether you live in a tiny metropolitan pied-a-terre, or whether you own a streamside house in the country, just like this rental. So on our end, lesson learned. For you, dear reader, we suggest clearing your schedule for the upcoming weekend and booking your stay at this lovely rental ASAP so that you can check out the Woodstock Film Festival’s screening of Food Chains this Saturday at Upstate Films!

Sample review:

“I would say the pictures don’t do it justice, but the pictures are pretty good. We stayed here for the 4th of July weekend with a few couples and our children. Such a great house. Six true bedrooms and amazingly, most of them feel tucked away in various corners of the house for privacy. The living room/great room is beyond beautiful, the kitchen is large, new and full of amenities. And the property is unbeatable with a pool, in-ground trampoline, BBQ, fire pit and a river that borders the lower end of the lawn. Looking out at the river while drinking a beer from the screened in porch is a pretty good way to be. Literally walk to town, and my favorite spots – The Cub Room is 2 miles away, and the Smokehouse is 5 miles away – are close by. Our 2 year old daughter had the best time of all. The owner and caretaker are both really great – the security deposit was a little steep, but they weren’t jerks about it at all, promptly refunding it after our stay. Get some friends together and rent this place. We will definitely stay here again.”

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