What a Big, Beautiful Old House In Upstate NY Can Cost

  |  June 20, 2012

Old house lovers, rejoice! According to Old House Dreams, there are more historic homes for sale in New York State than any of the other 49. Here’s the Empire State collection.

Note the price ranges. In less desirable cities like Poughkeepsie, you can get a grand manor for the price of a studio apartment in Brooklyn. Up north in Saratoga, where you can rent your house out for many thousands of bucks during track season in August, it’s pricier. In the very rural, far western Catskills, you can find a bargain.

102 LIncoln Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY, $799,000

A painted lady in Saratoga Springs (aka, our old hometown) goes for $799,000.

16 Crystal Springs Dr, New Lebanon, NY, $475,000

A delectable Gothic cottage in New Lebanon (nearish to Albany) is $475,000.

19 Dwight St, Poughkeepsie, NY, $369,000

A similarly grand Queen Anne (with Dutch Colonial properties, it looks like to us) goes for $369,000 in Poughkeepsie.

1 Main St, Hudson Falls, NY, $209,900

In Hudson Falls, in the northwestern Catksills, another beautiful Queen Anne, though not as flashy, is $209,900.

More at Old House Dreams.

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