The Clean Energy Future Is Here: How Solar Power and Batteries Are Paving the Way Forward

  |  March 11, 2021

Image courtesy of SunCommon.

Coal-fired power plants are quickly becoming a relic of the past thanks to the decreasing costs and increased interest in renewable energy sources like solar and wind. With dramatic changes to the energy landscape on the horizon, you may be wondering what the future of energy generation actually looks like.

According to SunCommon, the Rhinebeck-based installer of residential solar systems, interest in renewables, coupled with the increased affordability of batteries, is paving a new path. It’s becoming clear that renewable energy coupled with on-site storage is an achievable way to ensure that homeowners and businesses alike have access to clean, reliable energy sources.

Below are two cost-effective options for solar plus energy storage that allow you to generate your own clean power and store it for when you need it most.

Tesla Powerwall batteries. Image courtesy of SunCommon.

1. Residential solar paired with energy storage for back-up power

This combination can keep your most important electrical appliances and functions (aka “critical loads”) running during extended power outages—and it’s cleaner, quieter, and completely automatic, unlike your typical fossil fuel generator. Battery back-up power during outages is so seamless that homeowners often have no idea their power even went out. And it doesn’t just help the battery owners themselves—a growing fleet of home batteries can help all of us by creating a more resilient power grid that has fewer outages and more readily available energy supply.

2. Commercial solar paired with energy storage to reduce or eliminate peak load electricity costs

Batteries can also be used to supply power for brief intervals during the day. This is great for businesses because it can effectively limit the use of peak load electricity or “demand charges” from the utility company during the most expensive times of the day, lowering the business’s monthly peak demand.

With solar and battery storage to power and back-up your home or business, the future of clean energy is already here. And everyone has the right to a brighter future—especially when the power goes out.

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