Where Does Upstate New York Begin?

  |  January 15, 2013

photo by Ken Lund from Flickr/Creative Commons publishing license

We ask partly because a reader recently responded in a prickly fashion to our discerning between western, central and upstate NY, and also because a recent article asks if Yonkers qualifies as upstate. That is, when Gov. Cuomo says he wants to locate three revenue- and job-generating racinos upstate, does Yonkers qualify?

City and State NY wrote: “Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick made the semantic argument that it should be considered. ‘My first question was, “Where is upstate?” Lesnick said after Cuomo’s State of the State address.

‘One could say anything north of Yankee Stadium is upstate. In fact, when Phil Rizutto used to call those long home runs from Reggie Jackson for the Yankees, he would say, “He hit that ball upstate!” Anything north of right field is upstate.’

We leave it to you. Does economic development upstate include Westchester?

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