A Whimsical Hobbit Hole of Your Very Own in Phoenicia, $475,000

  |  January 3, 2016

Take a journey with us to a land where trees talk, elves ride elegantly on white horses and hobbits run barefoot through streams and up mountainsides, a journey to Middle Earth of course!  A place where yellow cottages sit in in the hillside and wooden flutes are heard throughout the land.  Is it just us or does this stream-side cottage in Phoenicia look like a hobbit hole in the Shire? (Lord of The Rings reference for those who are lost.)


A hobbit hole from Lord of The Rings. See the resemblance?

Hobbit hole or not, we can all agree that this 3 bed 1 bath secluded cottage is just so darn cute! It sits on Esopus Creek and about 6 acres of property beyond it. Stone walkways enchant the home and wood floors and a cobblestone fireplace give it that rustic feel.  Whether you fish, swim or just enjoy the sound of water rushing past wet stones to put you to sleep, this Catskill home is undeniably magical.  It’s all about location!

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413 Woodland Valley Rd, Phoenicia, (Jon Hoyt Realty)

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