Why Buy a Bungalow when you can own the Whole Colony?

  |  August 4, 2015

Talk about timely. Our friend and Upstater co-founder Lisa Selin Davis recently wrote a piece for Realtor.com on choosing bungalow colony living in the Catskills during the summer over expensive stand-alone rentals or lakeside communities. For less than the price of one month’s rent around the five boroughs, you could get your hands on your own seasonal bungalow cabin. The downside? There are a few, which Lisa outlines in the article. First and foremost, if you hate having neighbors right up in your grill, bungalow colonies probably aren’t for you. How to solve such a problem? Buy the entire colony, Lisa recommends. Many on the market are in various states of disrepair, perhaps even beyond fixing up. Got a large family? Sound like an appealing prospect for large gatherings? We found more bungalow colonies for sale here, and if we stumble upon any in the five-figure category, we’ll let you know.

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