WiFi Hotspots in Beacon (and Elsewhere)

  |  May 3, 2013
Beacon Optimum Hotspots

I realize after writing yesterday’s post about not being able to find free WiFi in a particular shop in Beacon, that perhaps many of you don’t know that free WiFi is available in MANY of the stores and shops along Beacon’s Main Street. The map above shows all the Optimum hotspots available in Beacon. I haven’t been to all of these, but in the few places I have tried, when I pulled out my iPhone to find WiFi, I also noticed that there was available for Time Warner, Xfinity and a generic “Cable.”  So if you’re not an Optimum customer, you may still be in luck.

If you don’t live in Beacon or need more information about the businesses in the map, just head on over to the Optimum WiFi hotspot finder and check for your area.


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