Willow/Woodstock Whimsy in a Small Package, $225K

  |  August 21, 2019

Since the last time we visited, this Willow Tiny House has gotten a big makeover.

Situated off of a back country road nine miles from Woodstock, NY, this chic cutie has graced the virtual pages of Upstater before in the form of this rustic Tiny House we featured back in 2015. It’s still a modest 276 square feet in size, but it more than makes up for it with its use of space both inside and out.

Flirt with self-sufficiency in the fenced-in garden (sorry, deer and various critters; you’ll have to forage elsewhere)…

…and get all the relaxation and privacy you need inside the cabin to write your novel, contemplate existence, get to work on refining the perfect bubble bath in your soaking tub, or cook up tiny meals for one using your own garden ingredients.

Or, lounge on either the platform patio or deck and listen to a babble creek roll by. There’s even an adorable boardwalk footpath to take you to the other side of the creek. Turns out, you can do a lot of living in a Tiny House.

Willow, NY is pretty much the wilderness, especially since this .94-acre property borders the Catskill Park. Bucolic? The very definition, but get used to the idea of living in harmony with deer, bears, maybe a fisher or two, foxes, possums, etc…in other words, lock down your trash, and don’t even think about bird feeders during the warmer months.

Still, Woodstock village in Ulster County is less than a 15-minute drive from here, and, conveniently, the Trailways Bus the hamlet of Willow a stop on its way to Port Authority in NYC.

Ready to live large in this Willow Tiny House? Find out more about 332 Silver Hollow Road, Willow, NY here.


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